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About Us

About Us

TraderKat, A Trusted Online Marketplace

TraderKat offers a flexible and affordable shopping experience where you can trade with others across the nation.

TraderKat is a Marketplace which features hundreds of new and used products, i.e. DIY items, clothes, shoes, bags, electronic items from other traders like yourself, all at incredible bargains.

It is simple, fill up your tank by buying some credits, and use these credits to bid and buy items. Also, as a seller, you earn the credits to buy and bid on more stuff! Pretty cool right?

Buy ready to print shipping labels right on the site.

We provide all the tools needed to sell your new or used items on Trader Kat.

Our Story

We realized that people were not just looking to buy used items, but needed to get rid of some things as well. We wanted to make this easy and affordable. You can even list digital items so you have no shipping cost and use those credits to bid and win items you want or need.

  • You can use credits to buy and bid on items
  • You can earn credits by selling your items
  • As a seller, you have the option to buy a print shipping labels!
  • Welcome to TraderKat

Our Values

We want to bring the best of both worlds. Easy trading online and great Traders!

  • Always updated!
  • Discover what favorite items are waiting for you!
  • Find your favorite Traders!
  • Feel-good not throwing away things that can be valuable to others!

TRADER KAT - A wonderful online community

Rediscover a great online trading experience

  • Find things you need, want or always wanted to try!
  • The fun of bidding and winning!
  • Ability to sell your own new and used items for store credit
  • All Online, 24/7
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